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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Nintendo Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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(E3 2015 Nintendo)
* puppet Iwata as they start off the conference with puppets & puppet Reggie, & puppet Myamotto LoL!and they get in the news room and start turning into star fox characters!!!LOL..
Come on fox do a barral roll!

* StarFox Zero - Holiday 2015! announced
Next showed off myamoto talking about his Starfox dreams.. and speaking how he wanted StarFox would look and play. Tells how using the gamepad helps at playing the game with a cockpit look and how it plays on the controller

* Reggie comes out to say thanks for watching the begining of the show & how it represents how the company will move forward.

*(Super Mario Maker) sept/11/15

* Amibo & activision talking skylanders with super charged bowser & donkey kong amibo hybrids, then talking about how Nintendo was very protective over their characters.

* 1st look showed (Zelda Tri-Force Heros) 3ds, and showed off the creators talking about the game giving their insight on how it was developed.

* (Hyrule warriors legends) 3DS Oct

* (Metroide federation force) coming 2016 Only on 3DS

* (Fire Emblem Fates) 3DS 2016

* showed some 3ds game trailer all in Japanese, with LOTs of bras, pannies wow.. (Fire Emblem) Atlus 2016

* Then showed puppet Iwada sitting at his desk with bananas in hand

* (Xenoblade chronicals X) 12/4/15

* Animal Crossing happy home designer 9/25/2015

* Animal crossing amibo Festival Party Game! Like a mario party game LoL Holiday 2015!

* Talking (Yoshi's wooly world) Oct/16/2015

* (Yo-Kai Watch’s) Holiday 2015 window

* (Mario & Luigi Paperjam)  Holiday 2015

* (Mario Tennis Ultra Smash) Holiday 2015

* Super Mario Maker was talked about and how Myamoto had created Mario side scrolling games, talked about costume mario, New amibos for the 30th anniversary & a art booklet, showed old drawing and artwork of the original mario game

* Reggie comes back to say goodbye and states more is to show at E3, states you can go into many BestBuy stores to play mario maker, he said mario is in all of us lol Knew he'd say that! then showed over 30 years of mario...showed a music mario montage end video  

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