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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: SquareEnix Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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(E3 2015 SquareEnix)
* (Just Cause 3) Starts the show & phillip Rogers CEO kicks off
the show talking how they haven't did a E3 show in a while!

* (Just Cause 3) stated coming out later this year!  Rolan
Lesturan lead game developer for Avalanche studios came out to

talk about the game and how it is brought to Next-Gen. 
A over 400 square mile adventure, December/1st/2015 on X1,PS4,PC
shows an explosive impressive trailer! tons of chaos and
destruction! Ricko carries a gun rack of weapons and bullets!
tons of vehicles, all building can blow up! Basically a
Mercenaries game!! Plus online super fun play.

* A game in early development being shown off, starts with a slow
piano playing showing epic scenery, More info in Fall 2015, a new
(Neir) Game in development. a man in a weird cloak and metal
smiling face head talks to the press weird!! weird guys keep

* Now showing off some (Rise of the Tomb Raider), Nov/10th/2015
all about lara and her journey yes!  showing a behind the scenes
look at the look of lara how she was modeled from head to toe to
blood and clothing, Note: of course made by Men LoL, oh and they
said they put the tombs back in tombraider! lol

* (Lara croft Go) a mobile game showing off a turn based game
with a soundtrack to match a a dino that sounds like godzilla by
the people who brought you hitman Go

* showed a video montage of (Heavensword), (Life is Strange), 
(dragon quest heros)

* We see again the trailer for (Final Fantasy 7 HD Remake), play
it 1st on PS, and more info to come this winter. also talks about
bringing FF7 PC version to PS4 in 2015.

* (Kingdom Hearts Unchained) mobile game being announced coming
to america and else where the 1st dedicated for mobile

* (Kingdom Hearts 3) They show people from Disney collaborating
with square for this epic game, coming to XboxOne, PS4, & PC
Game looks like a good looking RPG platformer, Stated Now in

* (World of Final Fantasy) with little mini like characters that
can grow and be ridden, coming 2016 to PS4 & Vita

* (Hitman) Dec 8th a digital release, will release new areas, and
scenarios overtime, sounds like an online collaboration on how a
hit should die and if the hit gets away that hit is gone forever,
you return as agent 47, showed off a trailer after, can kill in
front of everyone or by secret, plan the perfect hit, new
missions, targets, areas over time. coming on X1, PS4, Steam

* (Hitman sniper) mobile was shown, (Triad Wars), (FF15) video
montage shown

* Next showing a video montage of the StarOcean games, (Star
Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness) announced a Japanese rpg,
North America & Europe coming 2016

* (DeusEx Mankind divided) talked about the Dawn engine, talked
about the setting of the game, set in the future in the guetto
lol, talking how about the character Jenson is basically human
evolution, an RPG experience, shows the 1st in game trailer. has
a futuristic look to it with corruption all around, coming early
2016 - coming to X1, PS4, PC

* Lastly the showed off a (Final Fantasy Photo App) coming this
summer in the US

* A New Studio called Tokyo RPG Factory! LoL, showing off early
concept art of an unknown title, no other info yet, the speaker
sounds and looks like a robot ha ha ha!  and just keeps talking!
Then shows off an ending video montage video with devs coming on

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