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Thursday, April 26, 2012

PS1 Store Coming to the PS Vita?


A PSOne legacy title leaking onto Sony's European Vita store, there's increasing reason to believe we'll see an update enabling emulation soon. A Reddit user stumbled onto a downloadable version of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command for 3.99 pounds, or about $5.00.

 Buzz Lightyear downloaded properly before an error prevented the user from playing it. However, they found themselves able to access the emulation menus (similar to those when running PSP titles) from within the launched application.

With any luck, this game released ahead of a firmware update supporting such emulation of the original PlayStation library.

A statement from Sony says this was an error and the item has since been removed, and that it has "no announcements at this time" concerning emulation updates. But it has you wonder if they have something big coming soon down the road, maybe at this coming E3? I would like to play certain PS1 and PS2 games on my Vita what do you think?

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Posted By: Mr. Mike  

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