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Friday, April 27, 2012

Wii U and 3DS Storage Matters

Are SD cards and optional external hard drives be enough?

 Nintendo is planning to have digital distribution for DS and 3DS titles, now that the sizes are different from each other they can range from 900MB to 5GBs. That can be alot of data to download and put on your SD card but the fact of the matter 32GB SD cards can be purchased cheaply from any of these retailers (Tigerdirect.com, NewEgg.com, Amazon.com) This wont be a problem for portable gaming which with a 32GB card you can store up to 8 games if at 4GB a piece, 12 games if at 2.5GB a piece, or 21 Games if at 1.5GB a piece.

 That might not be the case for larger titles like Gamecube or Wii Games or even the future Wii U games and the fact that SD media wont work for game downloads. A mass storage device will be needed if Nintendo is going the digital download route on top of the optical media.  So maybe being able to install your own SATA hard drives will be the answer not just some proprietary hard drive from Nintendo like Microsoft!  

As for the next generation of games coming to the next gen consoles like the Wii U, Xbox 720, & PS4 games can go from 6GB to a whopping 30+ GBs for the HD rendered worlds that developers will soon create. Its up to Nintendo to join the future and address their poor success for media, digital downloads, and their network all together. Its time for the future if they want to get back into the game and not to fumble the ball out of the gate!  

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