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Monday, April 2, 2012


Best Buy to close 50 big box US retail stores!, But opening 100 Mobile stand-alone outlets in 2013??

Still driving to your local Best Buy to fondle all the latest gadgets before swiping your card, or hopping to the web to pull the trigger? That tradition could be short-lived, if you happen to live near one of 50 big box retail stores that the company plans to shutter in 2013. The move was announced alongside Best Buy's Q4 earnings report, which includes action items aimed to trim $800 million in costs by 2015. The closings will no-doubt come along with staffer reductions, some of whom could be transferred to one of 100 Best Buy Mobile "small format stand-alone stores" set to launch next year. While an unfortunate move for some customers and employees, it does show some foresight on behalf of BBY management, who likely recognize a continuing shift to online purchasing, and a greater emphasis on mobile devices, which require significantly smaller showrooms, cost less to ship and could offer greater margins to boot.
With this news can BestBuy just be buying time for its inventible future as a consumer electronics retailer, or can Best Buy wiggle it's way out of a grave situation that it poses itself? The lack of knowledgeable customer service with an agenda of a corporate master, No one ever around when a customer has a question just a ghost town of isles and departments except for the registers or the BestBuy guards at the doorways or as they say BestBuy greeters! Instead of just greeting us ask us if we need to find something and point us in the right direction, BestBuy stop scamming unknowledgeable consumers for their money with your pathetic GeekSquad crap! Stop trying and swindle everyone into buying some sort of bogus protection for items and crapware for computers Its all unnecessary and a cheap move towards loyal consumers in your stores. In order for you as a store to ever succeed have great customer support when needed, have employees in their departments not wondering in back rooms, try slashing prices to compete with online retailers offering
incentives as a thank you for buying from their stores, And STOP trying to sell OVERPRICED CRAP services lower the costs and if a customer asks then suggest. But as for BestBuy they probably will never change their policies and soon go into obscurity due to the lack of proper leadership and the lack of thinking for the future. This is a shame for someone like me who loved shopping at BestBuy and now I hardly enter maybe only for a bluray movie, now I am a true online buyer and saving important money from taxes, low prices, cheap shipping, and sometimes free shipping!

What do you think will killing jobs, closing stores, no future seeking, and opening hundreds of cellphone stores ever help their cause? Ciomment Below or EmailUS: corecast2011@gmail.com

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