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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mozilla To Support H.264 Codec For HTML Videos!

In short h.264 or MP4 known codec is currently lacking from Firefox the Mozilla browser which is still currently being supported by Google financially.  WebM a new HTML5 video codec standard developed by Google was suppose to be a solution for the h.264 codec which has to be paid for to license for its use.  But now Google has announced that they will continue like most of the big internet companies still support h.264 & WebM with their alternative Chrome browser and other products.

As now for Mozilla they are currently left in the dust right now by not supporting the popular H.264 codec, which has wide support for being hardware accelerated on many mobile devices, enabling smart phones to smoothly playback high quality files that the low power CPU portion of ARM SoCs would otherwise struggle with. This situation is also available to desktop users, even though Adobe’s Flash codec & player handles that with great ease.
Also stated by a representative of Mozilla WebM needed heavy support not just by Google but the entire industry if to succeed and canceling the notion for the need to use H.264. If Mozilla continued to remain pure with only using the WebM standard that would not help their mission on serving their users!  Right now they are looking into supporting the H.264 standard with great haste, at this point not supporting H.264 is only hurting their users and market share and not furthering their push for WebM.

Google is not the only provider for the blame all are including Adobe who failed to implement and support the codec. Now as the WebM standard slowly dies into obscurity making the dominate codec H.264 the remaining standard for video.

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