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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 2016 PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2016: UbiSoft Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Conferences on
what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I
have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on
Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My
E32016 Podcast Comes Out. ENJOY!
-----------------------------------------------------UbiSoft Press Conference-------------------------------------------------
The Stuttering live video was very annoying!
•    Wow kicks off with a weird dance presentation WTF? Where did this come from looks like a Katamari Demacy start lol I think Ubi is on drugs…..Yep oh finally Aisha Tyler saves the day thanks! Oh and the start of the presentation was for Just Dance 2017! Also kicked off prayers for the Orlando shooting tragedy and in Paris stuff that went down

•    Just Dance 2017 coming this year for all consoles even the NX!

•    I Love Aisha Tyler a lot haters go away shes the best host for Ubi lol, announces Ubi’s 30th birthday wow I feel really old yup

•    Kicks Off with Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer – Dominic Butler Lead Game Designer goes on stage to present the game and story to us. Basically drugs, murder, dictators, kill kill kill, yup. In an massive open world with 4 player co-op.  looks like Mercinaries with some story ok. In the gameplay lots of sniping then chasing showing off fake gameplay speak again!  Mar.7.2017

•    Snow Drop – Jason S. shows off the New Upcoming SouthPark The Fractured But Whole game with Tray & Matt, with the return of the New Kid, Funny like always a game like the show.  ,picking the character class.  Then cartmen tells the backstory of the new kid, Not 4 Kids. The guys basically sat and gave the presentation more of a casual experience, showing new abilities like a super fart, Can get the Stick of Truth 4 free when preordered – Dec 6th trailer

•    The Division – The Underground expansion out Jun28th X1,PC & Aug 8th for PS4 – for ubis birthday 3 free outfits ingame.  Showed off a trailer for Survival expansion 2. Coming soon

•    Ubi talks VR with EagleFlight shown by Paulmer Lucky and crew.  Guessing this is simply a multiplayer game where you are an eagle trying to pickup items and sore goals/points trying to stay away from the other team of eagles coming to get each other.  Ok interesting concept of a game but nothing mind blowing for me to get VR.

•    Talking more about VR with the StarTrek VR experience with Levar Burton, Karul Urben – this is what I want a fun realistic experience to being on the bridge of a starship yes, Called StarTrek Bridge Crew, Lavar Burton came on the presentation to talk StarTrek and how that compaired to playing the VR experience.

•    A destructive middle ages event where something came out from beneff and drestoyed mostly everything, a great looking battle of warriors, Game: For Honor Trailer and the weird Jason Vantonburg was on stage to talk about this warriors type game, looks a little like a Ryse game but without the Roman empire feel and probably gameplay controls, and still very similar concept. Oh wait very similar concept hmmmm. I love the braud scale of the game in it dimension in openness – maybe a game on my list to consider getting cas I did love Ryse even same type of boss battles -   2.14.2017 release

•    Ubisoft reflections Pete Young – shows off with GrowUp a fun creative looking game to bring the fun out of people, open world playground, coming in Aug for X1,PS4, & PC

•    Ok a very weird explosive team dual team from Ubi both wearing the same weird clothing – showing off the game Trials of the Blood Dragon, yup got amazing! Lol out Now on PC, X1, PS4

•    Assassins creed Movie was talked about in this press conference, Frank Marshall Film Producer sat down to talk with Aisha Tyler about this film, stating it holds true to the game franchise with a new story/character.  Dec 21st for the film showed some behind the scenes footage. NOT A GAME BUT STILL FUN

•    WatchDogs 2 - Deadsec – wow look at this realistic looking world of San Francisco where you are trying to stop the corruption in the city with hacking, manipulation, sacrifice. You play as the character Marcus a black protagonist, you can use flying drones to see whats going on and show how to infiltrate in the mission area.  And you can play some cool background beats while doing a mission lol.  A lot of halking from your super computer phone and drones, a really responsive open world experience in missions – Nov 28th 2016, PC,X1,&PS4.  Then Yves Guillimont CEO of Ubi came out to talk with press.  Playstation gets dlc 30days early then they showed the WatchDogs 2 trailer.  A collector’s edition is available and has a robot that you can control so droid!

•    Yves comes back out to show off a New IP from Ubi – Steep a new off the mountain sports game with skiing, para jumping, chuting, plus, an open world game. Can play by yourself or online with friends in doing tricks around the slopes & go pro views. Can go back and see what you did in your run before. Basically what GTA did but with winter sports yup. Basically game where they want you to enjoy the mountains. Nat a game for me but I guess others will like..

•    They came out as a team to celebrate 30 years as a company that gamers love all about the game even into the future, guess he meant he wont let vivendi take over Ubisoft as a company..

•    Great compialation trailer ending!

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