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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 2016 PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2016: Microsoft Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Conferences on
what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I
have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on
Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My
E32016 Podcast Comes Out. ENJOY!
-----------------------------------------------------Microsoft Press Conference-------------------------------------------------
•    The briefing starts by showing a trailer for the New XboxSlim & New X1 controller XboxOne S @$299

•    Phil Spenser brings out Rod Fergusson to stage to show off Gears 4, Talks XboxOne Anywhere play your Game on PC & or X1(buy once play anywhere), talks New Horde 3.0, showing off the game in a stormy area where they are fighting the enemy of the swarm with some drones with new mallei attacks. Looks amazing liking the New characters, JD was using some New sawblade like gun weapon like from Fallout pretty sweet. JD had to jump through this lightning weapon to get to an area pretty cool. Then they cut to a scene showing old Marcas Fenix - Oct 11th – Then showed off the New Gears X1 Elite Controller.

•    KillerInstinct showoff – New character General Raam!!! Wow cant wait!  Play for free this week!

•    Forza game being shown called Forza Horizon 3 announcement, showing off the great looking game set in Australia with tons of New vehicles, off road & more, plus 1st time ever 4 player co-op!, race live between friends!! Looks simply amazing!!

•    They show off their New IP exclusive game called Recore showed it a bit last year but more now trailer looks good!

•    SquareSoft shows off Final Fantasy 15 on XboxOne, showing off a new and improved battle system, in gameplay showing off fighting against titian like boss look beautifully polished like a FF game does, loving the LIVE Gameplay huh EA??, coming Spet 30th

•    Ubisoft – the Division Underground

•    Patrick Bach Dice – shows off Battlefeild1, 64 player online, oct 21st or ea access oct 13th, shows off the same trailer like they did yesterday, no gameplay

•    Mike Ybarra – talks better live for all Xbox gamers more servers going online all the time, talks background music coming this summer & Cortana!, this fall coming clubs on XboxLive groups for people to to find other like people and  Looking for Group to find that special gamer in your life, announced arena a hub for tournament events – ea bringing games to arena. Interesting social

•    Minecraft team comes to talk Minecraft – Will soon be able to play Minecraft on all devices with the friendly update console, pc, ios, android, Minecraft realms a special set of servers to connect people, then John Carmack joins using the OculasVR lol ha, Plus texture packs maker packs for Mobile & Windows 10 editions, then they showed off this cool looking world of creatures to fight in minecraft fun for all. New ways to play and craft in Minecraft

•     Showed off a program to customize and get made your own custom controllers in many different ways/colors with design lab WoW! My own custom DemonicCore Controller lol

•    Chris Charla ID@Xbox, announced Limbo free for Xbox owners, showed a trailer for exciting New ID Games coming like Cuphead, yuka lele, & more! (TRAILER) tells that ARK is the current best selling ID@Xbox game with Xbox Game Preview, Next xbox game preview game shows gameplay a sort of mystery adventure game by compulsion games called the happy few a very suspenseful scare game wow

•    CD Project red shows off their New game a card game called Gwent the Witcher card game, both multiplayer play and single player campaign, was talked about before. Closed beta coming this Sept 2016

•    Bandi Namco – shows off a New Tecken fighting gamed called Tecken 7 coming early 2017, the creator comes out to talk about the game in a Gee, talks story mode & more. Free Tekken tagteam tournament for free for XboxOne gold memebers!

•    DeadRising 4 premier  hell yea – available only on xboxone & win 10, coming holiday 2016 ooohh!

•    Microsoft Studios – talking about getting New games and IPs for gamers to play anywhere!, talks the game Scalebound, Hideki Kaniya – shows off the biggest boss fight with coop fighting a bad ass dragon and it seems the main character is wearing something like Beats headphones on lol! Only on XboxOne & Windows 10! Looks Final Fantasyesk with a unique look – they promote buy once play on both message for console/pc owners yes, Character says “Why Wont You Die?!!” with witty puns, looks like something id like to play coming 2017

•    Next showing off Rare’s Sea of Thieves trailer – studio head Craig Duncon shows off the game with gameplay, people playing as pirates heading on an adventure fun pirate gameplay with sea battles.

•    Next showing off another exclusive game zombie game – State of Decay 2 TRAILER

•    Guessing HaloWars 2 announcement trailer, yep HaloWars2, Dan Ayoub from 343 Industries talks about the game stating it was the most requested game,  Feb 21st 2017, XboxOne Beta Live All this week! Purchase once play on all devices console/pc!

•    Phil Spencer comes back on stage to speak the Xbox truth from 15 years ago to today into the future offing to play anywhere beyond bounderies, announces Buy a game ounce and play anywhere! New X Live features plus the XboxS, talks the future:  shows off the Next Xbox Future with 4k plus, very powerful, Project Scorpio future announcement! Stating the most powerful console ever made. Everything compatible between all three consoles X1, XS, XS! 

•    Ends the show with their video game montage

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