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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Coming Soon! From JuJu2Cast!

Mr. Mike here with some stuff that will be coming soon here to JuJu2Cast.com aka The JuJu2Cast Network! And a miner few changes to the way I do podcasts, videos, Etc...

1st: I Mr. Mike will be going Live with a New Page for the site called Mr. Mike's Games Review List!  A list of game reviews that I will post from time from time.. Note being New games that I have recently just played from Next-Gen Hardware like XboxOne/PS4/WiiU/PC/NX?? Etc.
Also going back to my gaming past playing older games from older hardware like NES/PSX/PS2/PC OLD Etc.. in which I will review how the game played and if it still is good today.

Now mostly it will be New Games Plus in addition sometimes even New Gaming Hardware, basically Not much in limits to reviews! Hope You Enjoy! And more to come Soon!

2nd: I will be changing things up in my posted videos that I post on my YouTube Channel!
I know everyone hates ads, I get it, I hate them also, but why not have a nice non intrusive AD at the very end of the video maybe for things you might be interested in??  Well I'm trying this strategy out on select videos that I post on this site and Youtube they should be out of the way and relevant if YouTube puts the right ones up that is.. Plus this will be one way that I can earn some extra revenue for the site and all the technology plus bandwidth that I use to Post videos, audio, etc..

Another way you can help me out is by kicking in some revenue Not Much maybe a Buck or Two or Whatever! There is now a Support Button on my Youtube-JuJu2Cast Channel Page so you great patrons can help me out, if you like the content I put up then please try to kick in! The payments are very easy & secure using Google Payments. Trust me because I tried out my own support button lol..
Here is the JuJu2Cast Channel on Youtube:   https://www.youtube.com/user/JuJuCast2

And 3rd: Not a big deal just adding more look & feel to my videos PLUS deciding on NEW Music for my Podcasts for 2016!

Thanks 4 Your Time & ENJOY!!

Mike J. Beyer :Founder & Creator of the JuJu2Cast Network & JuJu2Cast.com

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