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Monday, June 15, 2015

VIDEO: 1st Gameplay Lego Jurassic World

Welcome! to Jurassic World!? Or is it Jurassic Park? I don’t even know anymore! But I do know that Finally a Lego Jurassic World game has surfaced, over 65 million years in the making or a few years in video game industry standards we can finally enjoy all the Jurassic Park films & the Now released Jurassic World film all in ONE GAME! Lego-fied! With the first 3 Jurassic Park films (Jurassic Park, The Lost World Jurassic Park, & Jurassic Park 3) & (Jurassic World) which you can now play in each story with all the voices from the films in Lego form, Plus play as the Dinos themselves in the games or in the Lego toy box! If your into Lego, gaming, and the Jurassic Park franchise this game is for you if Not then maybe don’t play this game. But still watch this gameplay video to see a good glimpse on what Lego Jurassic World might be to you, you might be surprised with some added humor! I Mr. Mike will be taking you through a tour of the game and show you how it plays and if New to Lego games in general on what this game is like. Note: to all Lego video game heads out there this is like every Lego game you have played before LoL! Now not spoiling to much in the Lego Jurassic World game Let’s Play!

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