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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, June 15, 2015

PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2015: Bethesda Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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(E3 Bethesda Show Notes)

> E3 2015 : Bethesda Press Conference

Tried to watch on my xboxone via twitch.tv but sucky sound & picture so watched live on YouTube live! Way better!!

* adam sessler & Morgan Webb  host the conference wow former g4/xplay hosts

* started the show with a dev Montage video then vp Pete Hines comes on stage

* (Doom 1st game) talked & shown,  & the shotgun is back & your in a 1st person future suit

Great looking demons & mele kills, beautiful graphics amazing

Seems like enemies have some sort of hit points of sort & drop items like in borderlands

When entering the hud to switch weapons time slows plus 1st person chainsaw , then character dies at end by getting his arms ripped off and used to slap his head to death.

Next Doom multiplayer was shown!

Doom Snap map create your own levels in both single & multiplayer share with anyone on any platform, easy to use and create!

Lastly the showed the the doom in hell level, no release date except for a spring 2016 release for XboxOne,Ps4,&PC!

They stated all the online & creation tools like elder scrolls online were using the Bethesda......

* showed an online game called(battlecry online), coming this 2015

* Arkane Studios: an assassin game like the darkness attributes  (Dishonored 2),  for all consoles in March 2016

* (elder scrolls online) was shown about launched for XboxOne & Ps4, showed off dlc expansions

* (elder scrolls legends) a strategy cardgame for mobile

* (fallout4) tod howard comes on stage, he metioned that he was old 21 years in the business even before e3 began!

Showed 1st a concept art trailer & talked about how they started fallout 4 right after fallout 3

Showed a brand new facial creator powerful, & can play as a man or women with dialog

They show the game before the fallout ( didn't show off all due to Keeping a surprise), nuclear war the baby survives the bomb

Play in 1st or 3rd person still with dynamic dialog

Meet up with the dog and give it commands, vats & rad roaches still in game!!

Ruins of downtown Boston

A new advanced pip boy introduced, with motion graphics, ability to play audio files, & games like a rip off of donkey Kong

He introduced the pip boy edition, put your phone in it, plus you can use the app on your android/ios without pip boy

They created a mobile game called (fallout shelter), create your own shelter, available  for free no pay walls or online needed! Only ios?

In fallout 4 you can rebuild your own structure, a place for you & your dog to live in veery in depth! "Tod howard states it just work's!" Can build defence like turrets ect. An optional part of fallout4

Tons of weapons & over 700 mods for those weapons!!

Even mod your own power armor...

3rd person, 1st person, & vats all great for combat!

Nov/10/2015! Release!

In the aftershow Todd howard stated there is More! When it comes to Fallout4 that wasn't shown yet....

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