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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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This is an important message and update from your JuJu2Cast leader Mr. Mike!

Everyone out there in gaming and tech land, I'm writing out to all of you in the regret of me having to postpone till this weekend into next week all of our Titanfall coverage!

Now note I know that problems can happen but it is ridiculous to have the same problems happen more than once! This time it was Amazon.com and/or UPS dropping the ball and not a Titan.  When I Mr. Mike had preordered the Titanfall collector's edition for the XboxOne I had done so via Amazon.com to get it same day when it came out on March 11th using my Prime subscription.
Now this was over 3 months ago!

Yesterday I was tracking my shipment and found out that it was scheduled for a Wednesday delivery!
I said to myself WTF!!??? 

I waiting still to see if it was just a data mixup due to I had a guaranteed delivery date for TUESDAY MARCH 11TH!!! WHEN THE GAME COMES OUT!

This was Not the case the shipping time came and gone Now I got pissed and called Amazon about my order. Guess what? instead of getting an English speaking American I got an India man go figures! outsourced customer service!  

I told him the problem, he then went with the whole scripted statement of sorrys and that he would give me a bonus month of Prime for my troubles. I told him this happened many times before.

Basically nothing was done and today Wednesday a so called snow storm is happening outside even though its not really that bad out, sure there's snow but I was out shoveling and it's pretty ok out. But here is the thing everyone stated its a snow storm SO everything has been shut down! Even UPS! WOW what bad luck..

So Now I have to wait till tomorrow for my game and wont get to play it till this weekend!

In the end I'm super pissed wanted to do all this great, fun things but have to wait... unfair!

I blame Amazon for Not doing a better job for properly shipping items there is always problems!, Mostly when involving UPS they are a very bad shipping service but due to being cheap they are used all the time by Amazon!  As of today Now and mostly forever I will be preordering all my games and collector's editions from Gamestop and just pickup the merch myself. It was easier to go through Amazon but No real difference in cost so Gamestop it is. 

Thanks for all your support I should have some podcasts out tonight and tomorrow for you ahead of time and I will speak about this experience further.

More Details To Come Via my GamesAttack & JuJu2Cast Podcasts!


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