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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Sunday, October 27, 2013

NEW!! GamerTech Audiocast #79: I've Gone CyberMad!

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> Rockstar Games Cheats Us Again Stimulas Package Pushed & DLC Coming!! AHHHH!
> Sony Talks PS4 DayOne Patch Before Launch
> Origional PS4 Controller Anolog Slick Was Similar to Xbox360
> Eight User PS4 Party Chat Support
> Real Name Use On PS4 At Launch Really Sony? Really??
> No More Anolog For PS4!
> XboxOne Also Supports 8 in Party Chat
> Very Cool X1 Achivos are NOW Color Coded to your liking
> PS4 And X1 Almost Identical Says Resident Evil Dev
> PS4 Sony & EA Have Unnounced Tactical Programmes Hmmmm...

> No More Wii For Nintendo!
> PS4 Killzone Shadow Fall was Almost 290GB!
> Titanfall has a Release Date & a collector's Edition!!
> NBA 2K14 Will Amaze!
> Infinity Ward/Activision States COD Players Are NOT Gamers!!
> DICE Has Too Many Game In Development! 15!!!
> WWE 2K14 DLC SeasonPass RipOff Announced!
> SIms 4 Coming Fall 2014
> Alien: Isolation to be Creative Assembly's NEW console game?

> Nokia Lumia 1520, 6inch Win Phone Device
> Apple News Blowout! .....Oh Shit Just hit The JuJu Fan!!!!

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