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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Xbox One Manual Leaked


A Portuguese version of the quick installation guide portion of the Xbox One manual has reportedly been leaked, revealing some specific figures about Kinect that prospective buyers may find useful.
Microsoft has discussed the improved viewing angle of the version of Kinect that ships with Xbox One in the past, but without providing specifics. According to this leaked manual, which was posted on NeoGAF and can be seen here, the minimum distance required between players and Kinect is 1.4 meters, or about 4.59 feet. That's a marked improvement over the suggested 6 feet/1.8 meter minimum distance for the Xbox 360's Kinect sensor, and should make using the device in small rooms more feasible. The manual also notes the Kinect should sit somewhere between 0.6 meters (1.97 feet) and 1.8 meters (5.9 feet) above the floor.

The rest of the installation guide shows little else of interest; there is a warning against standing the system up on its side consistent with what we've heard previously, as well as simple instructions for connecting to the Internet and hooking the system up to a TV with and without an external HDMI device (like a cable box or PlayStation 4) being connected through the system's HDMI pass-through port. A small portion also shows how to install batteries in the controller, plug in the headset, and turn on the system with the Xbox button on the controller or the console itself.
The contents of the box -- the system itself, Kinect, a headset, two AA batteries, a manual, a controller, a power cable (which comes in two parts, as with Xbox 360), and an HDMI cable -- are also listed.

The information regarding Kinect is of interest to every Xbox One buyer; while the device is no longer required for the system to function, as was originally the case, Microsoft has been adamant that the system will never come without one. From what we've seen, this version of Kinect does appear to be an improvement over its predecessor.
Xbox One is scheduled for release on November 22 in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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