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Friday, September 6, 2013

Your Rewards Are Back! XboxLive Rewards That Is!

Microsoft has relaunched its Xbox Live Rewards service, which has been adjusted to accommodate the recent switch from Xbox Points to real currency.

Like the previous Rewards scheme launched in 2010, Microsoft will reward you for pro-Microsoft actions, like renewing your Gold subscription, referring friends or making a purchase on the Xbox Store. Each action will give you a certain number of reward 'Credits', which will be converted into your local currency and deposited directly into your Microsoft account once you rack up 5,000 or more. The circle of life then continues at the Xbox Store.

This is a different service to MyAchievements, which rewards players based on their Gamerscore and is only available to Xbox Live Gold members.
For the full breakdown of the latest ways to earn Credits, check out the infographic lifted from the Xbox Live Rewards site below.


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