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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fallout Monopoly!

Fan Creates Incredible Fallout Monopoly Game

More to the point though; who wants to make us one?

Ever wondered what an immaculate fan-made Fallout version of Monopoly would look like? Well wonder no longer, as Reddit user XsimonbelmontX has provided an answer.
As explained on Reddit, XsimonbelmontX spent eight months adapting the board, pieces, cards and currency for his wife's birthday, as she's a huge fan of the franchise and earning +150 Husband Skills points in the process.
Along with changing up the standard Monopoly playing peripherals, he also revealed that the duo have tinkered with the rules to introduce things like levels and perks.
There's a little taster below. While you guys do that, we'll be right here eating chocolate over the grim realization that no one will ever love us enough to adapt a board game in such painstaking detail. Bleak.

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