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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, June 3, 2023



If you haven't heard yet but this site is basically no more as of me Mr. Mike writing this.

Everything Gaming related is and has moved to my NEW website OldFreakyGamer.com here I will be hosting All of my NEW upcoming Gaming Videos and Podcasts going forward!

I will also continue to host The NEW But Same Twitch Live Streams Page at OldFreakyGamer.com and Twitch.tv/OldFreakyGamer

The JuJu2Cast Podcast Will Be No More after My Birthday Cast episode with Me and the Truth, this cast will go up here at JuJu2Cast.com!

Alot of other changes will go into effect slowly as I try to get all the NEW goodies online at the NEW site.

So what will happen to this site? Well this site will remain till the JuJu2Cast url expires July 19th 2024, after that the site will go off-line plenty of time to keep viewing....

Again Thanks for views and join my NEW GAMING SITE: OldFreakyGamer.com

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