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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, July 30, 2012

Avatar 2 Delayed Till 2015

Sully looks pissed seriously!!

Back in April, producer John Landau hinted that Avatar 2 might not make cinemas by 2014, as previously planned. Well this week director James Cameron issued his own update, revealing that the film definitely won't hit "until 2015 or later."
The director explained that he is hard at work on the scripts for parts 2 and 3, and revealed that while the motion-capture work will be done in California, the bulk of the of the action will be shot at Peter Jackson’s production studio in Wellington, New Zealand.

So Me Mr. Mike is guesstimating Avatar 3 will release in 2020 and Avatar 4 in 2025!! WoW basically around 20 years of Avatar work that's alot of dedication from one director for a film franchise hopefully it pays off? But I bet it will or why else would Cameron continue the franchise?


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