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Thursday, April 12, 2012

God Of War IV Anyone?

 New God Of War Pre Announcement or Something else?

PlayStation added an image to its Facebook page. The message in the image: "Will Vengeance Bring Redemption? 04.19.12" When gamers found this and studied on what it meant they directly thought about God Of War! Their reasoning well First, the golden brown colors of the image fit previous God of War palettes. And 2nd a job post on the next "blockbuster" from Sony's Santa Monica Studio. Third, "vengeance" which most feel fits Kratos and the God Of War series quite well. But also a game called Title Fight is also presumably in the works at Sony for being a kind of Nintendo Smash Bros. competitor.  If this is a God Of War game or maybe the ports for the Vita, maybe its a whole new game for the Vita and or PS3? What would a Sony game device be if there was no God Of War game for it? Not A Sony Game Device at all Thats What!  We will find out more later when April 19th hits, Im hoping for either a new God Of War for the Vita or the ports for the Vita, this is due to me being a proud Vita Owner & NOT a PS3 owner anymore. Bi est you bet I am LoL cough cough...

Posted By: Mr. Mike

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