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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Super Mario 4 "REGISTERED"

NiNtEnDo Registers "Super Mario 4"

At its last investor's presentation in January, Nintendo announced it was working on a new 2D Mario adventure game. Outside of a release date prior to April 2013, no further details were given by company president Satoru Iwata. However just days ago, Nintendo registered a domain for 'supermario4.com'.

The publisher isn't attempting to hide this registry. A quick search shows that Nintendo of America controls the domain, and typing in the address will actually redirect to Nintendo's website. It's important to keep in mind that the registry doesn't directly indicate the presence of a product - companies tie up URLs all the time - but it could mean something.

Of course, while our immediate suspicions point towards this being the 2D 3DS game, it could be something else entirely - a Wii U launch title, perhaps? Or perhaps a one last Wii title? It's probably the 2d 3DS title but here's hoping its on a current gen system and not the Wii U because for me Nintendo has broken my spirit on the console front for gaming, and like I have said before I wont be getting a Wii U unless needing to for reviews!

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