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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

VIDEO: GlobalWars 2017 Bubba Ray Dudley's Retirement Speech?

PLEASE NOTE! Had to Re-post due to a Falsified Copyright Claim of Inappropriate Content! If anyone has a problem with this video or any other Contact me please! Otherwise this is
News on a subject that needs to be known! ENJOY!!

This could be a bittersweet video that I Mr. Mike have captured. For wrestling fans out there, everywhere! We who grew up watching the WWF – WWE Era, TNA, Ring Of Honor, Ect. Most of you should have known either the Dudley Boyz, mainly Bubba Ray Dudley or Bully Ray due to the WWE being very copyright intense of his in-ring character.  At the night of Global Wars on October 12th 2017 put on by Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling Bubba Ray returned home to his roots. Not to put on a show and wrestle but to give out a heartfelt speech in which I have got to capture. Not as of this video we still don’t know if he will be retiring but after this speech and his health decrease this may just be his farewell speech……. Hope You Enjoy!

NOTE!! Sorry for the video I had captured this using my smartphone in a harsh lighting environment with a full house but I think this came out ok…. Thanks Again!!  

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