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Monday, October 10, 2016

REVIEW: The LATE Review Rise of the TombRaider

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Here is the preview part of Mr. Mike's Review of Rise of the TombRaider which is out on XboxOne & PC, plus is coming to PS4 on 10/11/2016!  To see the FULL review click the link below the preview:

Been waiting too long to write up this review on a game that I much needed to complete, and get at least one piece of dlc finished.   To begin I've played many TombRaider games throughout the years on many consoles. The main character Lara Croft a young athletically built, smart women is the center piece of all the games. Following her path through questions and finding answers to undiscovered myths/legends on an adventure of grand proportions.  This is an action/adventure game much like the game Uncharted Drake's Fortune series which came later from a different developer, but with similar concepts.  Lara will seek, discover, & fight through a treacherous path of creatures and human enemies alike to find the answers to the questions that consume her throughout the game.
     In this game Rise of the TombRaider the story synthesis is as follows one year after the events of the rebooted game of TombRaider, Lara Croft is struggling to explain her experience of the supernatural on Yamatai. Searching her late father's research data on getting to the lost city of Kitezh also finding the ability of immortality. (Just like in that Indiana Jones film) As she gets on way with her journey to find the city and the myth, Lara keeps getting pushed off by her father's past ally/partner and an ancient order of knights called Trinity that now exists as a paramilitary organization investigating the supernatural and their leader Konstantin. Lara is continually pit up against the order of Trinity and others who get in her way to find the truth.

To Read More click the Link Below or Click the Mr. Mike Reviews Link:

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