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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, September 2, 2016

Article: Mr. Mike's LATE Review on Pacman 256 is LIVE!!


Here is a preview of Mr. Mike's late review of PacMan 256 ENJOY!!

OK 1st yes a late review but who cares? No one ok let's start this off with this is typically an endless game with tons of fun to have over & over again. If you’re a fan of Pacman or even not so much this review might change your mind. Even though this is not the typical Pacman game due to the fact you keep on going through level after level.  Play alone or Co-op with friends in a race to collect as much Pac-dots, fruits, & other point increasing methods, but avoid those pesky ghosts they are gunning for you!

Now this game is as simple as they get and don't let all those power ups scare you, they are very easy to figure out plus you will quickly figure out which ones are best for you.  My multiple hours playing this game by myself and with friends felt great with its unpredictable nature of where the ghosts travel.  But there are a lot of tricks you can pick up throughout your gameplay travels. Sometimes it’s watching certain ghosts patterns or just by stopping your Pacman before you turn that corner, waiting to see what some of the ghosts do next.   READ ON >>>>>

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