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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, January 19, 2015

New Podcast Episode: GamezAttack Audiocast #134: Gaming's Back!

GamezAttack Podcast

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> Games Mr. Mike Has Played! (GTAV XboxOne, CallofDuty AW, Mincraft Vita,

Monopoly Plus XboxOne)

> What I played & did on my Podcast Va-Ca!
> Upcoming Advancements in Game Video Production!!

(Games News)
> Telltale & Mojang Minecraft: Story Mode
> Respawn Founder Talks Secret Project & Titanfall's Future
> Rockstar States GTA V PC Status
> GTA V Online Heists
> Microsoft to Discontinue Original Kinect for Windows
> Music Composer Teases "Huge Year" for Rare
> Gamestop has been selling Refurbished RRoD X360s Since 2009
> New Nintendo 3DS XL FINALLY announced for the US
> XboxOne's February Sytem Update
> XboxOne Price Dropping Again to $349....wtf??
> Sony Had Yet another PSN Maintenance Day on Thursday
> WoW May Soon Have a Free Veteran Edition for current Hold Outs!
> Mortal Kombat X & Preorder!
> Finally 18 Year Old Boy Arrested to PSN & XboxLive DDOS Attacks!!
> Twitch.tv FREE Open Source Music Library!

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