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Sunday, September 14, 2014

XBookOne Portable Console!

Xbox One players now have a portable option with a custom modded XBOOK ONE laptop.
Console modder Ed Zarick posted an update on his blog, revealing the next iteration of his XBOOK laptops -- a 500GB XBOOK ONE boasting a 22 inch Vizio 1080p LED television, an upgrade from the XBOOK 360’s 19 inch 720p LCD monitor.

The unit comes with vinyl casing, 3D printed customized color components, a front slot-loading disc drive, and all of the cable connections intact on the backside of the unit. The Kinect can be operated with the XBOOK ONE, but is not built into the laptop.

Zarick improved upon the XBOOK 360 design by investing in new laser cutting and 3D printing hardware, allowing him to make precise cuts for assembly of the units. He does reiterate that no enhancements have been made to the Xbox One hardware. However, modifying an Xbox One console in any way voids the warranty.
Zarick's XBOOK ONE isn’t the first Xbox One laptop made. James “DarkUncle” Terry customized his own Xbox One laptop, later selling it for an undisclosed amount.

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