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GameOn Live: Saints Row The 3rd Remastered - Episode #67

Sunday, June 15, 2014

New Episode: E3Gamer Audiocast 2014: Nintendo Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast

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(E3 2014)
Nintendo Direct Online Conference:

Opened the show with a clay animated start making fun of themselves. Then a fight

sequence between Awata & REGGIE for smash bros. Then they tried to do funny clay

animation skits but failed!

•    Super Smash Bros. introducing Mii Fighters for 3DS/WiiU, looks impressive

what they are doing for both versions, and the 1st smash bros. on a handheld sys,

3ds Oct,3,2014 & WiiU Holiday 2014
•    amiibo, a new toys to life figures, which like skylanders & infinity use

the wii u tablet which the figure can transfer data to and from the game. Being

used un smashbros., mariokart8, and more to come..
•    announced Yoshi’s wooly world, coming 2015!, same concepts like kirby’s

epic yarn but with more depth, the game has no time limits where you can explore

anything, and has 2 player co-op
•    Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, coming holiday 2014, this game feels like a

Mario galaxy vide
•    The Legend of Zelda, 2015, with a new open world look in a next gen space
•    Polkemon Omega Ruby/Sapphire, Nov,21,2014
•    Bayonetta 2, coming with Bayonetta, Oct 2014
•    HyruleWarriors, another Zelda title with massive boss battles with many

dynasty warriors aspects Sept,26,2014
•    Kirby and the rainbow curse, coming 2015
•    Xenoblade Chronicles, coming 2015
•    MarioMaker, make your own Mario game in 2d or 3d modes sweeeet!, coming

•    Splatoon, 8 player 4vs.4 multiplayer game like paintball…. Play as a human

or a squid, while as a squid you can swim through your own ink but not other

players ink. This game concept seems familiar like its been done already, but the

nuclear ink bomb looked cool
•    Ended the show with a Lady Palitina character announcement for smash bros.

The show had NO games for the bloodlust action game fans and mostly all only 1st
party games. If you like that than this is for you but even with some intriguing
gameplay from some of the games nothing stuck out! And Nothing truly new just the
same we have seen E3s ago. Sorry but Nintendo and the Wii U are in a bit of trouble
with more 3rd party  no shows and Not expanding to new horizons, this briefing
showed way less than Microsoft or Sony and even EA had more! Ubisoft On top charts!

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