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GameOn Live: Saints Row The 3rd Remastered - Episode #67

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Mr. Mike's E3 2014 Press Show Notes Pre-Podcast Rundown Notes

E3 2014 Show Notes Rundown

These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Press Conferences on what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My E3 Podcasts Come Out. ENJOY!

Microsoft Press Conference:

·         Phil Spencer starts off the show with love and thanks

·         call of duty advanced warfare

·         Looks impressive with tech

·         Exclusives for dlc first on xbox

·         talked about forza motorsport 5 addon free to download new track now & forza horizon 2 coming sept 30th

·         Evolve from 2K

·         Assassins creed unity with 4 player coop

·         dragon age inquisition - bio ware

·         sunset overdrive has an 8 player coop Oct 28th x1 exclusive- insomniac games

·         deadrising 3 arcade remix available now exclusively on x1

·         Disney fantasia music evolved from hermonix

·         dance central spotlight

·         fable legends a role playing game by lionhead studios

·         project spark for xbox & pc also has conkor in it

·         ori by moon entertainment sad looking game xbox exclusive

·          halo masterchief collection 1,2,3,&4 :Nov 11th   xboxone plus all halo multiplayer the way it was 10 years ago! Halo 2 also getting the aniverery treatment!   Over 100 multiplayer maps all of them!

·         Preorder to get halo guardians beta!

·         inside - incredible studios a 2015 game

·         id@xbox

Aztec - team colorblind

Knights quad - chainsawesome games

Plague Inc evolved - ndemic creations

White night - osome studio

Earthlock - snow castle games

Cup head - studiomdhr

Lifeless planet - stage2 studios

Slashdash - nevernaut games

Fruit - through games: plus many more!

·         rise of the Tombraider 1st look trailer

·         the Witcher 3 wildhunt

·         phantom dust x1 exclusive

·         Tom clancy's the division 2015

·          scalebound a new IP

·          Crackdown for XboxOne from platinum games

EA Press Conference: like showing double showings & CEO Andrew Wilson looks like a bond villain

·         Opens with a Starwars battlefront glimpse coming in 2015 from Dice

·         DragonAge Inquisition from bioware

·         Sims 4 – shows off making their unique personalities, looks more interactive than ever.

·         UFC with bruce lee shown off – not caring too much about the control scheme- out June 17th soon

·         NHL 15 announced – talked about more physics for a Next Gen Look

·         Criterion games shows a very early multi racing game with vehicles, helicopters, atvs, & more!

·         PGA Tour  using the Frostbite3 engine – with battleships spring 2015

·         Madden NFL 15 – with better defense looks and controls

·         Dawngate – a moba game experience for pc (MOBA Meaning: A multi user online battle arena)

·         MirrorsEdge2 – more building running and jumping – faith is back..

·         FIFA 15 – more soccer Feel the game

·         Battlefield Hardline – Cops vs. Criminals game, showed off the multiplayer beta out today PC & PS4

·          Closed the show showing off the beta with 64 PS4s nothing really special to me in the show..

Ubisoft Press Conference:

·         FarCry 4 shown 1st the game looks sweeeet! Nov 18th

·         OH Looks Whos Back Aisha Tyler Looking sexier than ever 3 times fool!!

·         Just Dance 2015 and just dance now for your smart device that runs on your tv & a weird group of people started dancing on stage

·         Tom Clancy’s The Division

·         The Crew – a coast to coast next gen driving game without loads coming Nov11th

·         Assassins Creed Unity oct 28th 2014 – still a follow, climb, & kill game

·         Shape Up – a fun way/game to workout and have fun doing so, has a fun vs. mode exclusive to XboxOne

·         Valiant Hearts The Great War – using the Rayman Engine and framework

·         RainbowSix/Siege – pretty wow cops vs. robbers game, with great multiplayer

Sony Press Conference: Sony had problems with their mics LoL!

·         Sony Opens with Destiny Trailer – play it 1st on PlayStation on july 17th for the beta

·         White PS4 coming with Destiny, coming Sept 9th 2014

·         The Order 1886

·         Entwined – a unique colorful world much like games as flow & flower $9.99 available now & PS3

& Vita to come

·         Infamous First Light Coming in August

·         LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4 – more depth, very colorful graphics, new characters like snuggle & swoop – coming in November

·         Bloodborne – by from software – pretty freaky world and great eerie graphics – coming 2015

·         FarCry4 – looking great like always & co-op play available November, play with friends even if they don’t own the game?!

·         Dead Island2 – a zombie game

·         Diablo3 reaper of souls – some dead island themed characters

·         Battlefield hardline available on PS4 Consoles 1st via beta

·         Disney Infinity for playstation platforms 1st

·         Magicka 2

·         Grim Fandango – by doublefine for PS4 & PSVita remastered

·         Broforce PS4 & Vita, TitanSouls PS4&Vita, Not A Hero PS4&Vita, Hotline Miami 2 PS4,Ps3&Vita, The T.A.L.O.S Principle PS4

·         Let It Die From Suda51 exclusive to PS4 in 2015

·         ABZU - Giant Squid the studio made Journey

·         No Mans Sky – from Hello Games

·         Talked about choice on PS4 with their stupid PS4 Camera then talked about Project Morpheus, then introduced shawn Layden as the New CEO of Sony and he talked graphs & statistics on how much people were connected to PSN, announced YouTube Support for Direct Uploads from gameplay etc. & of course on twitch & Ustream, more than 25 Free to Play Games coming to PSN then showed them off ( my opinion we’ll see…)

·         Playstation Now US & Canada Open Beta on PS4 on July 31st, then on PS3/Vita later, Sony wants to bring PSNow to select Sony TVs

·         New PSVita Games Coming: Tales of Hearts by Namco, Child of Light By Ubisoft, Tales from the Borderlands by Telltale/Gearbox, Minecraft the full console experience

·         Playstation TV or PSVitaTV Announced for US, $99 price, a bundle for $139 (PSTV, dualshock3  , 8GB memory card, hdmi cable, & a digital voucher for Lego the movie game)

·         Mortal Kombat X – looks simply horrifically amazing

·         Announced Sony bringing exclusive show content to the PS4 like Xbox is doing, they announced Powers a comic turned animated show, all PSN users will get the 1st episode to watch Free & PSPlus Users all episodes FREE!!

·         Ratchet & Clank the movie! Coming to theaters in 2015! Not a game but fun..

·         The Last Of Us Remastered! For PS4 from NaughtyDog July/29/2014

·         Metal Gear Solid 5 the Phantom Pain – showed off a new trailer

·         GTA 5 Next Gen Announced!! Coming in Fall 2014! – can pass online character & progress from x360 or ps3 to PS4..

·         Batman Arkham Knight – showing off the amazing look of a giant gothem, bat gliding, and the bat curser which seems bit cheesy but cool, plus a scarecrow bonus mission

·         Uncharted 4 A Thiefs End coming 2015

Nintendo Direct Online Conference: Opened the show with a clay animated start making fun of themselves. Then a fight sequence between Awata & REGGIE for smash bros. Then they tried to do funny clay animation skits but failed!

·         Super Smash Bros. introducing Mii Fighters for 3DS/WiiU, looks impressive what they are doing for both versions, and the 1st smash bros. on a handheld sys, 3ds Oct,3,2014 & WiiU Holiday 2014

·         amiibo, a new toys to life figures, which like skylanders & infinity use the wii u tablet which the figure can transfer data to and from the game. Being used un smashbros., mariokart8, and more to come..

·         announced Yoshi’s wooly world, coming 2015!, same concepts like kirby’s epic yarn but with more depth, the game has no time limits where you can explore anything, and has 2 player co-op

·         Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, coming holiday 2014, this game feels like a Mario galaxy vide

·         The Legend of Zelda, 2015, with a new open world look in a next gen space

·         Polkemon Omega Ruby/Sapphire, Nov,21,2014

·         Bayonetta 2, coming with Bayonetta, Oct 2014

·         HyruleWarriors, another Zelda title with massive boss battles with many dynasty warriors aspects Sept,26,2014

·         Kirby and the rainbow curse, coming 2015

·         Xenoblade Chronicles, coming 2015

·         MarioMaker, make your own Mario game in 2d or 3d modes sweeeet!, coming 2015

·         Splatoon, 8 player 4vs.4 multiplayer game like paintball…. Play as a human or a squid, while as a squid you can swim through your own ink but not other players ink. This game concept seems familiar like its been done already, but the nuclear ink bomb looked cool

·         Ended the show with a Lady Palitina character announcement for smash bros.

The show had NO games for the bloodlust action game fans and mostly all only 1st party games. If you like that than this is for you but even with some intriguing gameplay from some of the games nothing stuck out! And Nothing truly new just the same we have seen E3s ago. Sorry but Nintendo and the Wii U are in a bit of trouble with more 3rd party  no shows and Not expanding to new horizons, this briefing showed way less than Microsoft or Sony and even EA had more! Ubisoft On top charts!

Note: E3 Podcasts To Come Soon!

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