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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, January 13, 2014

New PodCast: GamezAttack Audiocast #90: More Alien..s Game!

GamezAttack Podcast

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>Games Mr. Mike Has Played!

(Games News)
> Left 4 Dead Creators Turtle Rock Unveil Evolve
> Alien Isolation a single player game!
> The Division may be Delayed to 2015!
> Sony One subscription to rule them all!
> Halo for XboxOne Coming still in 2014
> Microsoft sells Alot Of XboxOnes
> Valve Trys To Diss Microsoft's X1 Sales..
> Sony Says We Sold More! In PS4s!
> 2K Cancels MLB 2K Maybe for Good?
> Nintendo Pays Money For Infringement Damages
> Unique Trophies in New Upcoming Super Smash Bros.
> Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Not Planned For PC!
> More Leave EA
> Sonic the Hedgehog & Pac-Man Box Artist Passes Away...Sad
> Sony Reveals Playstation Now At CES
> Why Do people care who is developing Titanfall for the 360? Why?
> Titanfall Matches Capped 6 vs. 6 for good reasons
> China Now Has Lifted ban on Game Console sales Finally! Welcome to the
world China!!
> Nintendo Obtains Patent Troll's Portfolio wow

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