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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Sunday, November 10, 2013

NEW!! GamerTech Audiocast #83: Horde Of XboxOne News!!

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> X1 Day1 Mandatory Update or Don't Do anything At All!
> Microsoft Speaks on problematic Backwards Compatibility through the cloud
> MS states X1 could last 1 decade that's 10 years!
> Next-Gen Kinect More Accurate Than Ever!!
> Analyst Expects the X1 to outsell PS4 Again
> X1 code redemption Made Easy!!
> Xbox Music To Work Like This
> Unity Free to Indi Devs for X1
> Why COD: Ghosts 720p X1 & 1080p PS4 Again!
> EA Has 1080p for both X1 & PS4 but running 30fps for UFC
> PS Vita Updates itself for PS4 launch
> Get Your First look at the Inside of a PS4!
> Need 4 Speed: Rivals Launching PS4
> GodofWar: Ascension director Leaves Sony Santa Monica
> Activision Thinks Next-Gen consoles will price drop soon that you think
> WoW Drops 7.6 Million more subscribers
> Did YOU get your GTA Online Stimulas Yet?? & what Will You do with it??

> Microsoft states it still will support PC Gaming More than ever!
> Toshiba Hardens Flash Storage
> Transformers vanquished the Ultrabook

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