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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Look at the XboxOne Dashboard Plus 1 Game install equals to 13% Used On HDD


Mr. Mike UPDATE: We have incorrectly stated our guess for how many games could be installed on the system in our writing below! Instead of 6-10 games able for install more realistically its around 10 - 16 games, and it was also stated @Moonlightswami that he had installed Zoo Tycoon at 13% completion NOT 13% full even though that still may be the same. Sorry for the errors! 

 Another tweet from the Now Twitter Master @Moonlightswami posted that the game Zoo Tycoon took up 13% of his 500GB HDD. This is the question to Microsoft if they will be giving us gamers that second update to the DayOne update sooner than later for USB 3.0 support, for upgrading our storage because 6-10 games later we might be full.  This is not including any other updates, videos, or other that may reduce the space.

@moonlightswami  via Twitter Now calling himself #1 Source 4 XboxOne 

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