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Yakuza Like Me –Like A Dragon Ishin Episode #04

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

NEW!! GamerTech Audiocast #78: Here's Even More BonusCast!!

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NOTE: JuJu2Cast.com was testing a lower NOW 128Kbps bitrate for our casts!
This is for those who wish for great audio quality,
but wanting smaller download sizes for portable devices and Data Plans.
I Mr. Mike have decided on Keeping the 128Kbps bitrate as Now being finalized!
More will be told in this Cast's Episode Enjoy!

> In Brazil, PS4 will Cost Over $1,800!! Now Do You Feel Better Cheapo!!
> How To Replace Your PS4 HDD...
> NBA 2K14 True Next-Gen WoW!
> 2K Marin Hit With Massive Layoffs
> WatchDogs & The Crew Expected Sales...
> Share Holders Hate The WatchDogs/The Crew Delay 32% Share Drop Largest
In Ubi's History!!
> DriveClub To Be Delayed to 2014??
> StarWars Battlefront By Dice IS SCARY TO MAKE!!
> Infamous: Second Son Collectors Editions Announced
> SouthPark: The Stick Of Truth Preorder BONUSES!

> How Will X1 Work At Launch?
> How Will PS4 Work At Launch?
> Future of PC Gaming?

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Length: 1:43:24

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