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Monday, September 9, 2013

R2-D2 In BOTH StarTrek Films?!!!

I Guess We All Missed it?

No Look No Joke Here He IS!!!!
At last, here's the droid we were all looking for. In this frame you can clearly see R2-D2's cameo in JJ Abrams' Star Trek. This time there's absolutely no doubt about it: It's been confirmed by ILM.

 Can you see him floating there, on the left, right below the huge arrow that I also missed when I saw the movie? That's obviously him, a fact that has been confirmed to me by one of the movie's sequence supervisors at Industrial Light & Magic—the same guy who said this previous sighting was just the shuttle.

 Some of you might have spotted this in the theater; I certainly wasn't quick enough. But thanks to home media and the keen eyes of a fan, we now have the evidence that  R2-D2 did indeed make an appearance in Star Trek Into Darkness, somewhere around the 1:17 mark. After the Enterprise is attacked by the Vengeance while in warp, R2-D2 gets sucked out of the ship, as seen in the below Tweeted screenshot.


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