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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, August 9, 2013



Microsoft still with all the complaints and changes to the XboxOne console with DRM Policies and now finally adding a X1 headset to all X1 consoles NOT just the launch consoles.
But even though things are getting better for the soon to be Next-Gen console from Microsoft, one thing still remains the same the dreaded power brick!

From the Xbox360 the power brick was a horrid thing thought that redesigns of the console would get rid of it but Nope! The 1st Xbox had NO power brick and the power inverter was inside the machine.
Even Sony's Playstation brands had never had a power brick with their units even the very slim ones!

So why doesn't Microsoft get it with all the complaints, the fact that the brick is now even larger making the once slim streamlined console a sore thumb with this sticking out of it's rear end?
Couldn't Microsoft just make the console a bit longer with a thin power inverter inside? Why Not?

This is just one of those choices that was f'd up by designers and greedy business men just trying to cut costs and save a small buck.  I will still get this console but in a time where MOST manufacturers can get lots of stuff crammed into the smallest areas, without the units overheating, or performance reduction, or un-beautifying the units it still surprises me why Microsoft Just Can't!

I know I may sound a bit harsh but Microsoft has to prove a lot to redeem themselves to us as gamers why not try to fix all the little annoying problems 1st before showing anything..

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