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Saturday, June 22, 2013

XBOX ONE or X1 Accessories To Date!


A few of the official Xbox One Accessories have been announced so far from Microsoft aside from the Xbox One Controller. They are as follows:

Xbox One Chat Headset

The Headset looks almost identical to the one for Xbox 360. It features one earpiece with a microphone boom sticking out. The audio/mute controls have been moved back to the end of the cord, where the unit attaches to the controller.

Xbox One Recharge Kit

Again, this product will look very familiar to those who had the recharge kit for the Xbox 360. Included is the rechargeable battery pack and a cable to connect the controller to the Xbox One for playing while charging. The Xbox Website claims that the controller will be able to charge while the console is on standby mode, and that controllers will take "less than 4 hours" to get fully charged.[1] The model names are the EarForce XO SEVEN and the EarForce XO FOUR.

Third-Party Products

Microsoft has partnered with a few different accessories manufacturers to make products for the Xbox One. One of those partners is Turtle Beach, who has made two different headsets. They appear to be similar, both featuring a microphone as well as the ability to plug directly into the Xbox One Controller. These headsets are also said to be able to plug into any other device, so you will not need to have multiple headsets for different devices.[2]


Microsoft also has worked with Polk for another headset as well as a SurroundBar. The headset, the Polk 4 Shot, will have the ability to work across different modes with "the push of a button." It also features a retractable boom for the microphone as well. The N1 SurroundBar is a BlueTooth enabled speaker that offers high-quality sound and has four different settings (Racing, FPS, Music, Cinema).

Microsoft has also partnered with Mad Catz for the Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 fighting stick. This fight stick is reported to be highly customizable and as a "design philosophy stemmed from a community of fighting game fans and the world’s best gamers."

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