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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

3D Trailer of New Super Mario Bros. 2 On Your 3DS!

To scan the code, turn on your 3DS and get it to the Home Menu. Then hit the L or R Button to activate Camera Mode. Next, tap the QR Code button on the lower-left corner of the touch screen to get it ready to scan. Last, line up the cursor on the top screen with the QR Code displayed on our web page Above!

A Successful scan will prompt a message on your 3DS asking if you'd like to be taken to the Nintendo eShop. Say yes and then download the trailer that appears. And then enjoy!
The trailer shows off how incredibly coin crazy the Mushroom Kingdom has become in this particular sequel. You'll see coins, coins and more coins. You'll see gold-colored enemies that burst into coins, and golden Koopa shells that leave trails of coins in their wake.
You'll see the return of Raccoon Mario, running to build up steam to fly into the sky and collect more coins hovering up there.
And you'll get to catch a glimpse of two new power-ups. The first is based on a rare power-up from Super Mario 3D Land, and basically inserts Mario's face into a coin block that constantly spews out more coins as he runs. The second is a new golden version of the classic Fire Flower, and grabbing it turns Mario gold all-over – the stuff of King Midas' dreams. Launching fireballs in this form causes blocks to transform into, yes, more coins.
Check it out and see for yourself, 3DS owners. And then lament Mario and Luigi's terrible coin-gathering addiction Yes Yes!

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