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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

360 Gamerscore Wiping Issue Fixed

But Who Really Knew About It? Did You?


Many Xbox 360 users have had their gamerscores and games lists erased according to posts on Xbox.com & Twitter. 
Microsoft's @xboxsupport Twitter account is being flooded with tweets complaining about the issue, and has responded: "we're aware of some of the gamer score issues at this time, and we're looking into it. Thanks so much for your patience!"

The Xbox support Twitter has asked gamers to try signing out of their profile, and back in to see if this resolves the solution. Some Twitter users are reporting a drop in their gamerscores, rather than a total wipe.

Most of us probably never had this issue happen to us and most have never herd of it. Not much buzz on the matter has surfaced and is probably an isolated incident with some gamers. The problem has been solved and fixed stated Microsoft, and they also stated that if people are still having this problem to delete their gamertag then recovering it by signing in again.

IGN.com: "Microsoft is reporting via the @xboxsupport twitter feed that the issue has been rectified. If you are continuing to run into problems with your gamerscore, they are instructing you to re-download your profile (instructions here)."


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