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Monday, March 12, 2012

Xbox 720 Fact or Complete Fiction?

Can the already famous but very unknown & unseen console prove to be the best kept secret that the tech & gaming community has ever herd of but only speculated about?  Well probably yes and no but no one will know until it is officially announced at an upcoming E3 event with a blowout to match the power & speculation of the new device.  Even though no one except for the people who work at Microsoft know about all the bits of the upcoming console people still write fictitious articles about how they so called know all about this mystery.  I'm guessing they don't so everyone getting all bitter, hyped, & just plain crazy calm the f**k down please Now!  Just wait till E3 and if or when they do announce the new Xbox is the time to praise or yell in a very dark hole noooooo!, if what you like or dislike about the new juggernaut of gaming and entertainment has all that you do or don't need.

All of the things that were speculated or commented on in the reporters’ news on the next Xbox have to be taken with that preferred grain of salt. Information on the so called specs and the power of the console has plagued it immensely over the time. Here's the rundown of what was said that the Xbox would have: (The rundown will have these quotes on what is known for the console Rumored, Fiction, Fact!)
Real Steel showed a glimpse of the future!
> The name of the new Xbox will be called Xbox720. (Rumored)

> Durango is the codename for the new console. (Fact)

> The new Xbox will be 6x more powerful than its predecessor. (Rumored/Fact) Note: We can't say yes or no to this because they might have stated this but why announce its power in front of their competition before their next consoles, it’s like shooting yourself in the foot before you’re out the door.

> No backwards compatibility or resale and use of used games on the console. (Fiction) This won't be true do to a backlash that would pelage the console & Microsoft if this happened, from used game retailers like GameStop & consumers who can't always afford a new $60 game it would be a big downfall for them.

> Its going to be the size of the xbox360 slim or a bit smaller. (Rumored) This could happen due to the ever shrinking of chipsets & boards to run high end tech games making the hardware smaller, cooler, & quieter to run, the cost of chips is at an all time low and being made and sold in bulk cheaper to produce.

> No disk drive in the new Xbox. (Rumored) This can be a possibly like the vita, it can go the way of solid state memory cards holding up to today's standards of 128GB on a single memory card but can be costly if not done right. They could go with using also larger capacity hard drives which also has problems due to downloading very large games with a still large majority of people not on the internet or having low bandwidth caps in their area. Plus think about the majority of people who still claim to play their older games which could become downloadable later without an optical drive though it would prove a daring but dangerous feat for Microsoft on how to promote and use this. They would have to provide a game swap like service to give back some added value to their customers for their old games going to a new console. So would they do this I don't know at least till E3?

> A new Kinect will be made & included with the new console. (Rumored) To keep the added support for their revolutionary camera device, maybe adding even more features to its chips & sensors to improve its use. And the big if that it’s included with the new Xbox can cause the system to cost more and if the added gameplay is not there, there's no point to even include the device if it fails.

Imagine a controller like this beauty!
> New Xbox controllers to have built in touch screens for interactive play. (Rumored)  One of the smallest rumors out there would have to be the implication of a controller with a centralized touch screen in the middle like the upcoming Wii U has. This would cost a lot more but could make a very welcome big impact on gaming. Think about gaming off the console to the controller, map & item views, buddy chatting, immersive game play that could be limitless on what can be done on the new console giving the new Xbox & Microsoft a big leg up in the gaming world if done right.

These are the most known rumors ever told on the internet today, which some could be true but most not its up to you to decide. As of how this console launch becomes a reality presumably at E3 this year, will this be another year for Microsoft in dominance of the gaming market or can this even be what people might think of it?

My thoughts on how Microsoft should implement the next Xbox system would be the following:

Mr. Mike’s Xbox720 Should Be Specs:

·        The name of the new console should be the Xbox720, then after that if they make a new console they can make a new brand name on top of the Xbox name for a major redesign.

·        The Xbox720 should sport the newest AMD ATI Chipset for processing & graphics power for the most graphics intense games, videos, Ect. Also it should support a 2GB DDR4 Memory chip for its temporary storage holdings.

·        An added 8 – 10GB chip for dashboard, game, & app storage for new buyers.

·        1 removable SATA drive case for us to decide if we want to purchase our own drives like a solid state drive or a regular spindle drive, not a Microsoft Seagate drive that costs us more than they should!

·        Lots of USB 3.0 Ports, 4 on the back 4 in the front at least for all of our RockBand needs!

·        Bluetooth the newest standard.

·        Wifi A, B, G, N, AC all standards for wireless gaming even the new unused AC standard which isn’t established yet. (Or make a special rear port to place a card with the new standards in it for easy WiFi upgrades!)

·        The standard Ethernet Port for us who use a straight connection.

·        Keep the Optical Port.

·        HDMI Port Times 2 (For a 2 TV connection for a one console multiplayer experience that be great!)

·        A SATA Port to add external drives maybe?

·        A Multi BluRay Disk Drive able to also Burn Disks. (The burning feature to save video gameplay on line or alone, also can have it available to download from the Xbox site to your computer.)

·        A Xbox Game Card (Instead of a optical disk drive a new standard solid state card which large games can reside on easy to make and slide in the console, can be used for faster loading, tasks, Ect.)

·        A power supply inside the Xbox instead of outside the box.

·        A low level look with curves in an oval look for a sleek presence, with good looking air ports for heat & maybe a cheap water cooling pipe system instead of fans for quiet operation.

·        Controller design keep the basic placement of the controller but now add a central OLED touch screen, a mobile chipset for gameplay, and a SD card slot for use of up to 128GB memory use for gaming off the console, and anything else they can think of. Sure it would cost the consumer more money but if it’s optional they will buy later.

That’s my insight on how the next generation Xbox console should be like, most of the ideas I chose will not be used in this console due to economics, how all console makers feature older tech instead of creating new innovations.  I’m not saying they don’t innovate like the Wii, Kinect, Bluray, touch screen, Ect. Whatever the new name and design is for the next Xbox the fact will be it will succeed & we will all purchase it for that innovation they push us with.

            In my conclusion waiting for the new Xbox and speculating all the time on it has or doesn’t have makes no difference until it’s officially announce and released. Till then no one knows anything except Microsoft and its suppliers. Maybe some stories could be true until then we wont ever know, Now its time for me to play some Gears 3 on my Xbox so good day sir!

By: Mr. Mike

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‘An HD screen surrounded by the traditional 360 buttons and sticks.’




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