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Saturday, February 25, 2023

VIDEO: Yakuza Like Me – Like A Dragon Ishin - Episode #01


In my 1st gameplay outing for this newish/remake of the game I will be going on a semi historical journey in the Yakuza game universe probably kicking a lot of bad ass and avenging someone or something! Here is the cut and paste of what this game is………………GAMEON!

In 1866, after finishing sword training in Edo, Sakamoto Ryōma returns to his hometown in Tosa. After a scuffle with the Jōshi - the highest ranked of Japan's samurai - Ryōma is imprisoned and set to be executed, but is saved at the last moment by Yoshida Tōyō; Ryōma's father figure and a government minister who seeks to end the rigid social class system in Tosa.
Tōyō requests that Ryōma see his best friend Takechi Hanpeita, who has founded the Tosa Loyalist Party and also seeks to end the rigid social class system. Ryōma allies with Takechi, and the two formulate a plan: Takechi's forces will surround Kōchi Castle, while Tōyō will be inside negotiating with the ministers. As they are discussing the plan with Tōyō, an unknown assailant surprises the three. Using a style that Ryōma does not recognise, the assailant mortally wounds Tōyō, grievously wounds Takechi and easily bests Ryōma. Takechi survives, but Ryōma is forced to flee the pursuing security forces by jumping into the river.
One year later, Ryōma is in Kyoto, going by the alias Saitō Hajime. He discovers that the assailant who killed Tōyō was using a style called Tennen Rishin, which aims to be close to genuine fighting rather than sticking to any one style. It was practiced at the Shieikan dojo in Edo before it closed down, and its practitioners are now in Kyoto. After a run-in with the Shinsengumi, Ryōma meets an informant going by the alias Niibori Matsusuke, who reveals that all the practitioners of Tennen Rishin are in the Shinsengumi. Ryōma decides to join the Shinsengumi in order to get closer to the assailant.

Like other titles in the Like a Dragon series, Ishin! utilizes a robust combat system, notably similar to its predecessor Yakuza 5. Players control the sole playable protagonist, Sakamoto Ryōma, and have access to a total of four fighting styles: Swordsman (which uses a katana as the primary weapon), Gunslinger (which uses pistols), Brawler (which uses hand-to-hand combat, more similar to the traditional combat style), and Wild Dancer (which uses a combination of katana and pistol). The game introduces a new system, Dharma Points, which can be gained by completing side-quests, story events, gaining Completion Points, and other tasks. Dharma Points can be exchanged for abilities. The game has returning and new side content, the biggest of which being Battle Dungeon, a dungeon crawling mode which utilizes special summon and ability cards, and Another Life, a side-story where Ryōma must pay off the debts of Haruka, a girl in debt due to illness. There are also series staples like Gambling, Karaoke, and a fighting arena, among other minigames.

The remake version of Ishin! aims to retain most of the gameplay system from the original game, with the exception of the Battle Dungeon cards, which can now be used outside of the mode and in regular combat. Certain enemy encounters are also adjusted by giving boss enemies special abilities. In addition, several characters of the game are also recast with new actors, who have previously portrayed other characters in the mainline titles, notably from Yakuza 0, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.


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