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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Monday, August 14, 2017

Review: Splatoon 2


Released: July-21-2017
Price $59.99
Only On:Nintendo Switch
So to start off I Mr. Mike am NOT the biggest online gamer at all! Some games that I have played online that I was actually good in are the Gears of War series, Team Fortress 2, Left for Dead, and GTA Online. Yep that basically sums up all the online playing that I have done which I was good at playing.  So when seeing that Splatoon was getting a sequel for the Nintendo Switch in the form of Splatoon 2 I got interested in the concept.  1st as I looked at the game I thought it was just going to be a kiddy like colorful game for the younger generation of gamers.  But as I watched some gameplay video on the subject at hand I grew even more interested in what I had seen. So after playing the beta I found that tactics can be a big part of the game, even though I haven't been chatting with other players. Trying to paint and splat as much of your team’s color as possible while trying to kill or avoid the other team’s players from doing the same to you is the mission. Yes there are other modes in the game but I have found that the basic Turf War mode was best for me. Other modes include capture the flag esc battles, Ranked Battles, League Battles , and the famous Salmon Run part which is a wave based mode while trying to collect the most salmon eggs while not getting killed by the enemy or bosses!  

  Yes there is also a straight forward campaign mode which you can get to through the left sewer cover in the city square hub. In my opinion Not the best campaign more for teaching you how to play, and maybe learning some tricks along the way to use in your battles. A few interesting bosses in there but nothing to really talk about. Note you may feel different about the campaign than I but remember this is only my opinion on the part.   

   Another thing on the multiplayer portion of what is basically the main game entirely is how well each area is created. Each different battle arena is made at what I think are the perfect size for a 4v4 battle. Everything is created carefully to make full use of every part of each area for great battles every time you play them. I would've liked a bit more stage swapping but still not complaining. And I wonder if they will make more New arenas to add more variety to the gameplay. But still…… No complaints from me.

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