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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Saturday, June 10, 2017


E3 Gamer PodCast 2017

Opens with their montage trailer
Ceo Andrew Wilson comes to the stage talking football with madden and about they are games.
He basically stated in a nice way that the 1st starwars battlefront was ok but not great and had a lot of good/bad criticism and stated they will show it off
Then talked Battlefield 1 showing dumb players playing it shish! With NO ONE that NO ONE Even  Knows!, talks NEW maps, announces In the Name of the Tsar plus 8 New maps, coming this September. This summer more competition to Battlefield 1 probably getting a Esports team together.
Now For the sports shit! LoL
1st talking about Fifa 18 with better looking crowds lol
Next a guy that cant talk Live due to teleprompter issues LoL shows off the next Need For Speed game Payback showing off a more open world type of game, the game has some take down moments like the Burnout series did in the past, showing off a high speed chase after a trailer truck causing destruction all over, looks definitely nice with a Burnout meets Fast & Furious feel. So far Not Bad might be a get!
EA Originals – showed a game called A Way Out by Hazelight studio, a co-op adventure with a help each other campaign, trailer looks really cool, the game can only be played in splitscreen co-op online or on the couch with others cant play solo!, so this game is like EscapePlan hmmm. Coming early 2018
NBA Live 2018 – showing off a game that they never got right showing a ball-en trailer.
Then for a final ceo Andrew Wilson teased 30mins of StarWars Battlefront 2 showoff!
Talked free trials on EA Origin for a slew of New tiles.
Now showing off Starwars Battlefront 2 with some great presentation with a pretty hot lead women named Janina Gavankar playing the voice main character, couch coop, space battles, more customization, better class system, looks very good very realistic and polished, No additional charge for added extras, November then they showed off some multiplayer still looks great!! WHAT? An AT-RT? Looks Fn fun Amazing! Clone troopers vs. the droid troopers, they showed off the heros like Darth Maul, Boba Fett.
Didn’t show any single player yet! Maybe on the Xbox Conference…
Show OVER!!:
So an ok presentation NO Garden Warfare!, NO talks about MassEffect Andromeda.
So Need For Speed Payback, the EA Original A Way Out, & StarWars Battlefront 2 Look good so-far! 

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