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Sunday, May 7, 2017

ARTICLE: TECH - How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10


How to Schedule Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10

Sometimes you might want to schedule certain tasks, especially if you don’t have enough time to do them manually. In this article I’m going to show you how to schedule shutdown on Windows 10.

Schedule Shutdown in Windows 10 – 1st

If you can’t shutdown your computer manually for some reason, you might want to schedule a shutdown. This is extremely useful if you leave your computer to do something during the night, or if you have to leave your computer for a few hours while you do some errands. So, let’s answer the question, how to schedule a shutdown on Windows 10?
Method 1 – Use Run dialog, Command Prompt or PowerShell to schedule a shutdown

To do this you need to use Run dialog, Command Prompt or PowerShell. The command is the same for any of them. To start the Run dialog just press Windows key + R. If you want to run Command Prompt or PowerShell you can search it from Search bar. Now all that you have to do is type this into Run dialog, Command Prompt or PowerShell and press Enter:

shutdown –s –t 600                   
We have to mention that 600 represents the number of seconds, so in this example your computer will turn off automatically after 10 minutes. You can experiment with different values and set the one you want.

Method 2 – Use Task Scheduler to schedule a shutdown
If you want more control over a shutdown schedule you should use Task Scheduler. To set up shutdown schedule using a Task Scheduler do the following:
  1. Start Task Scheduler. You can start it by going to the Start Menu typing schedule in the Search bar and choosing Schedule tasks.
  2. When Task Scheduler opens click the Create Basic Task.

3.Enter the name for your task, for example Shutdown.



4.Now choose When do you want the task to start. In our case we’ll choose One time.

5.Now enter the time and date when the task will be executed.

6.Next choose Start a program.

7.Click the Browse button and go to C:\Windows\System32 and select a file called shutdown. Then click Open.


8.Now just in Add arguments field add -s, and then click Next.

9.Now you should see the task information. You can check it one last time, and if you’re pleased with your settings click Finish to schedule a shutdown.

That’s it, you now know how to schedule a shutdown in Windows 10.

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