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Friday, March 3, 2017

ARTICLE: Amazon Drops The Ball With Nintendo Switch PreOrders!


Despite Amazon's preorders for Nintendo Switch offering a day-one delivery, a number of Amazon users, including some JuJu2Cast staff, have still not received their consoles or seen their systems even ship. Some have also reported that their ship date has been moved.
 Amazon has throughout today also made the Switch available periodically for new costumers and announced that limited supplies are available in Amazon Books stores.
Looking at Amazon users reporting issues on Twitter (found via search "Amazon Switch Preorder"), many have reported similar shipping issues, including users on Twitter and a member of Polygon's staff — the latter of whom had a delivery date was moved to March 4. Multiple Reddit users have also reported shipping issues throughout today.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.51.11 PM

Amazon users unsure of when their consoles will ship, via Twitter

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 2.50.56 PM

Amazon users unsure of when their consoles will ship, via Twitter

I Mr. Mike even had the same problem from Amazon, tweeted by complaints but only got a response from @Amazon @AmazonGames stating that they were sorry about the delays and to keep checking my order status!  Then I would get multiple Amazon App Ship Status messages through out the day stating " Your Order of the Nintendo Switch has been delayed" then "Your Switch order has been shipped" then "Your Switch order is out for delivery" Then " Your Switch has order has been delayed due to a truck/plane mechanical issue" Etc. Etc. This went on for hours!
But later around 5:30 - 6ish PM I had a UPS man come to my door delivering all of my stuff!, My 2 Nintendo Switch consoles, games, & Pro Controller. I guess I had lucked out, but some of my friends were NOT and got their orders delayed all the way to Monday!! 

In closing I don't know what Amazon's problem is when needing to ship out day one orders like this Switch launch, but this wasn't the first time this happened. It seems like every time I preorder a game or New console from them they screw up the delivery time and my stuff ALWAYS gets delayed! For the exception of this one time Amazon does not have a good track record when it come to delayed Day One items to ship. Plus even though they state that they guarantee your Day One preorder, they Don't compensate you back for any late delivery excluding bad weather, which they should especially when you pay for Prime like I do...

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