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Sunday, February 19, 2017

ARTICLE: Poster Reconditioning by Mr. Mike


Well Mr. Mike here with a Quick and easy way to recondition them to be like NEW again!

Here is my easy and cost effective way to get those framed posters looking like New again, and also looking like New on your walls. All your going to need is the following items:

  1. Sized Foam Core Board which if larger can be cut to size, usually costs around $5.99 at a Hobby Lobby or other craft store.
  2. A cheap Walmart poster framing kit if already don't own one cost varies by size but on average around $12.99.
  3. A good utility exact-o knife to cut the foam core board 
  4. Elmer's Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive usually costs around $7.99 from Hobby Lobby or other craft store.
  5. A picture hanging kit with hook backings to hang your poster with.
  6. Clear Scotch tape or glue gun with clear glue cartridges.
  7. cleaning cloth.
  8. table space and drop cloth.

1st get your foam core board ready and sized to the length and width of your poster & Walmart poster kit. I personally used the clear plastic that keeps the poster dust and moisture free, clamped it down to the foam core and cut along carefully to get a nice clean cut.

So I had penciled and cut along the plastic cover to make a good looking edge cut on the foam core to make a good poster backing!

Put the poster on the foam core and clamp one end down so you can roll back the other end of the poster to spray a very thin quick coat of adhesive to the foam core, then slowly roll and smooth out the poster onto the foam core backing.

Let the glue dry takes around 10 to 15 minutes to dry and make sure your poster is smoothed out and wrinkle free if not slowly peel back affected area and re smooth out till it looks good to you.

Next wipe any dirt and dust off the plastic poster cover can use some glass cleaner to get it shiny and clean, try avoiding static buildup on plastic so No dust gets on when you place the plastic sheet over the poster itself.
Now place the plastic protective sheet on top of the poster align it as best as you can.

Now clean and slide connect each poster clamp holder around the poster.

You can get rid of that cheap cardboard poster backing piece that came in that Walmart poster kit, it won't be needed!

Now if you want you can go with ether 2 options! Option #1 as you flip the poster back facing up you can scotch tape each of the edges of the plastic poster clamps to help them hold together. Or option #2 you can use that hot glue gun that I told you about and carefully glue-up each plastic corner for a long lasting secure hold of the poster. The option is yours I used the scotch tape due to a lack of a glue gun in house plus it works very well.

Finally in this final most important step is the back poster hanger in the picture below I tried using one from the old Walmart poster backing that I tore off, that option didn't work well at all!  So I found a picture hanging kit in my house where I then found and used a picture hanger hinge which worked excellently!

Original Walmart poster hinge DID NOT WORK!

Original Walmart poster hinge DID NOT WORK!

So in the picture below here is the picture hinge in which I slowly carefully centered and inserted each end into the foam core backing, then flattened the hinge back for smooth hanging, then scotch taped the sides for a secure hang. Or you can use the hot glue gun which would work just as well.

Much better! Plus don't worry who will see the tape on the back of this? No One that's who!

Now look at the final product a great looking flat framed poster to hang on your wall, And Won't fall apart or bend over time! If used the standard cheap poster frame kit the poster frame over time would bend out in different climates, and would start to fall apart.  With this solution you will have a great looking framed poster that will last for the fraction of the price of a professional frame!  ENJOY!!


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