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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, December 30, 2016

GAME REVIEW: DeadRising 4


DeadRising 4 has been out for a bit now and I have played through the whole game with my verdict on the game, on if you should purchase it with that holiday money that's burning a hole in your pocket. Or if you should only rent it to try it out, Or even if you should bother playing it at all!

Here is a peak at My Mr. Mike's review of DeadRising 4 played on the XboxOne! Then click continue to read the whole review ENJOY!

Saves, or even any easy type of saves at all! All those saves are now checkpoints which are points in the game where your adventure saves.  What? Wait! Don’t stop reading Now! There is still a lot of Great left in this game if you’re that type of gamer in which I am.  Did I mention Frank West is back? But NOT the same voice actor who played him from the 1st DeadRising game, but still a very good sounding likeness for his character which is set many years later in the DeadRising series.

Now for some cleanup, 1st This is Not in my opinion a bad game not at all, 2nd if you’re the type who likes challenges in their gameplay well there is NO challenge what so ever!  This game was basically dumbed down to the barebones nitty gritty for a crazy open world hack n slash adventure for all to enjoy. Basically if you’re not a skilled gamer and just want some easy fun this game is right for you.  The main part of the game starts your character Frank back in that FN mall again! Sorry Frank ha-ha… But don’t worry the giant mall is not your only place to do damage in, later in the game which is kinda split into Cases brings you out of that forsaken mall into a large open world in the town of….. You’ve guessed it Willamette!  Rebuilt with tons and tons of zombies to take on and take out with crazy vehicles, and weapons in which you create into crazy killing elements of destruction.

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