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Sunday, August 21, 2016

VIDEO: Rewind Fallout4 NukaWorld Trailer Breakdown

Rewind Fallout4 Nuka World Trailer Breakdown:

Fallout 4’s latest and final DLC called Nuka World is coming soon on August 30th, for $19.99 for the standalone DLC or $50 for the Fallout4 season pass. Nuka World is based around the pre-war amusement park of the same name, which operated as a major theme park under the umbrella of Nuka Cola. Following the war and the sole survivor’s time in stasis, the park has been taken over by Raiders. Todd Howard claims that the park is quite big and is the in-game equivalent to real-life theme parks like Disney World. Like most theme parks, Nuka World will have specific thematic zones, which include Dry Rock Gulch, Galactic Zone, Kiddie Kingdom, and Safari Adventure. Missions, New building opportunities, characters, & creatures! I Mr. Mike go through the Official trailer and breakdown each part of what to expect in the Final DLC experience, giving my observations on what might to expect when this DLC arrives August 30th…….ENJOY!!!

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