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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, August 5, 2016

VIDEO: Fallout4 Vaut-tec Workshop 1st Gameplay

Fallout4 Vaulttec Workshop 1st Gameplay: EXPLICIT

Ok yes this video was somewhat a complete F...Up, 1st wanted to try out playing the latest DLC for Fallout4 Vaulttec Workshop in my 1st gameplay of it. Yep all just went to wrong in maybe a good way or bad? Well at least the video and audio came out great thanks to the stream to PC feature from my XboxOne, but yet I still screw it up by dropping water all over the place damn headset!!! Ok I know you want to watch and find out if the Vaulttec Workshop DLC is good right? Well NO it kind of sux, still! It has a very annoying mission for NO real reason, plus building your own vault is the same as building in one of your towns with No give What So Ever!! I still did give it a go & maybe sometime soon I’ll try to build my vault for real. So if you don’t have a DLC season pass don’t bother purchasing this unless you like the hassle & patience in building in this game ……..ENJOY!!

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