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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Sunday, August 21, 2016

PODCAST: GamezAttack Audiocast #204 Gaming 1 Day At a Time

GamezAttack Podcast

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Gamez Mr. Mike Has Played This Week! (Rise of the TombRaider:Baba Yaga DLC & more PacMan 256)

> Talking 4TB XboxOne Harddrives, still tring to get in the game, why Im Not covering Gamescom this year or maybe any year, & MORE!!!

Gamez News:
> Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Confirms Blue Dragon Will Join Xbox One Backwards Compatibility
> Halo Wars 2 PC beta won't happen until early 2017
> Gamescom 2016: Xbox Scorpio to Bring an End to Console Generations, Says Microsoft
> Xbox Scorpio Won't Have Exclusive Games Except for VR Titles
> 3 New Characters Among Gears of War 4 Pre-Order Bonuses
> Dead Rising Re-Releases Get Launch Date and Price
> Dead Rising 4 Preorder Bonuses Are Different Everywhere
> Sony Confirms September PlayStation Event
> Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Release Date Announced
> Bethesda 'Absolutely' Looking Into Making Nintendo NX Games
> Fallout 4 Reveals Nuka-World DLC File Size

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