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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Sunday, June 12, 2016

E3 PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2016: EA Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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These are notes from Mr. Mike and my opinions of the Conferences on

what was shown and some thoughts I have written down. Please note I

have typed this up quickly during the events so NO Editing was done on

Names or Grammar… So Yes I Know but here is a quick insight before My

Gamescom Podcast Come Out. ENJOY!
-------------------------------------------------------------EA Press


•    Vince Zampella comes to the stage to show off Titainfall2, 1st

talked its on multiple consoles, shows a multiplayer trailer 1st.   6

New titans more customization, smooth gameplay & more PLUS single

player! Then showed off the single player campaign trailer! (PUT VIDEO

ON JUJU SITE!) Oct 28 2016!!

•    Now showing off Madden 2017 trailer

•    Peter Moore came on stage to talk about ESports and trys to

hype for a Madden tournament with players I don’t know or care about

lol Why EA? Why???????? Isn’t is supposed to be about the games NOT

promoting this crap? I want to see games Not this stuff….. I guess EA

still hasn’t learned about this shit yet

•    AAren Flynn introduces MassEffect Andromina – talks an all New

universe, characters, all fully running in the latest Frostbyte engine

– shows a nice behind the scenes look in the making of this game OK


•    They talked about updating their older games with tons of

content and talking EA Access & EA Play for charity talking they will

give 1million dollars to charity.

•    Then back to Peter Moore in London Ha LoL – Talked FIFA17

running on Frostbyte of course, then this I guess soccer player talks

wanting to play footieball lol with a way to over the top presentation.

Can I say give me a break? Guessing a storyline soccer game Mate! Lol

Ok who is Alax Hunter? IDK…..  FiFa17 the Journey – managers are in the

game… loooong presentation showing that its fully updated from the

ground up

•    They are promoting EA Play through the presentation

•    EA Origionals announced 1st game called Fe an original story

based game, looks like a interesting game brilliant world and an

amazing character like unravel..

•    Jade Raymond – showing off starwars games, talking about a New

Battlefront game with New content from the New films & content saying

they have listened to the fans!, showing off a behind the scenes look

into the world with the Games like the unannounced Viceral Game and

Respawn games, talked how they all loved Starwars so much…..We Will

See!!  But Never showed off anything really New, just more on the

premise of what they are trying to make without giving anything in the


•    Battlefield1 – Frostbyte on all games, Dice making an epic

Battle -  the weapons look really cool in this game and the Behemoths

airships, planes, boats, etc.  Open Beta this Summer!! (Put VIDEO ON

SITE)  in the trailer horses vs. trains wow!

Not much really shown in this press conference but showed a few

interesting games but not a whole lot, way too much BS talk and inside

looks I just want to see the games where were all the games? Not a good

conference at all.

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