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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 2016 PODCAST: E3Gamer Audiocast 2016: Sony Press Conference

E3 Gamer PodCast 2015

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--------------------------------Sony Press Briefing


•    Opens up the show with an epic orchestra music experience and

singers of a different language very epic sounding score, great

performers here I love good epic music, and a women maken sounds into a

mic LOL,

•    Oh the game started to be shown early I did not know then I saw

an older Kratos with his son? So God of War 4?!  Kratos has a beard Now

wow!  And he just ripped into the hell mosnters with an epic magical

axe and moves.  Kratos goes up against a boss troll with son as his son

shoots it with his lightning bow Kratos beats the shit out of it, and

his son shoots Kratos accidently in the arm wooops..  they find the

deer they were hunting his son shoots it then his dad has to help him

kill it with a knife sad bonding experience wow….  God Of War  showed a

guy playing it to show it was real gameplay Demo!  So the score was for

God Of War…Nice

•    Shawn Layden went out to say sorry for the Orlando tragedy that

happened and gave their support for them.

•    A trailer goes on for DaysGone, don’t know what its exactly

about but looks like shit had gone down

•    Next The Last Gaurdian trailer oct 25 2016!, but No live

gameplay! Why?

•    Ok next Sony showed off that great looking women fighting robot

creature/animals game still looks great with a large map, the women

takes control of a robotic deer like creature with her staff then rides

it back to her village, when she gets there she goes up against a giant

robot mech like creature attacking her home.  She then shoots fire at

it while stringing it up by ancoring it down killing it.  Horizon Zero

Dawn Trailer

•    Detoit Become Human gameplay trailer about an android cop named

Conor that you make up your own story decisions. trailer

•    Starting this gameplay trailer in a spooky dark messed up

house, disgusting everywhere, woooo Resident evil biohazard, jan 24

2017, resident evil 7 with playstation vr.

•    Now talking about VR oct 13 2016 for $399, 50 games to start,


•    PSVR Titles: in space with a gun on a mars like planet , 1st

person vr shooter, Farpoint trailer

•    PSVR Titles: StarWars Battlefront VR Mission

•    PSVR TiTles: Batman Arkham VR Oct 2016 exclusive to PS VR

•    Squaresoft: FinalFantasy XV     .30.2016

•    Another space 1st person- flying space combat shooter game and

1st person shooter looks interesting and epicness – OK WHAT 11.4.16

That was Call of Duty Infinite Warefare, then they show off the

remaster trailer for COD Modern Warfare

•    Activision is Bringing back Crash to Playstation with

remastered games

•    Skylanders create your own

•    Lego Starwars The force awakens Trailer show off still fun &

funny in 2 weeks to play.

•    ANDY House get on stage with epic music talks Sony Strong,

brings Hideo Kojima on stage, with a game… walking through dead crabs

in the sand has the man from the walking dead in it wow looks good in a

great looking engine – “ill keep coming” music – Norman reedus that

guy! Death Stranding Trailer oooh!

•    So Insomniac games making a Spiderman Game? Wow is this only

for the PLaystation?? Hmmm IDK say Spiderman PS4

•    Shawn Layden comes back out on stage to say thanks to everyone,

shows a Live demo of Days Gone to finish the show a New IP, also

showing the guy playing the game in real time.   The man creates a

muzzle for his gun using an air filter from a vehicle, looks like a

good zombie esc game post apocalyptic adventure.

•    Then they end the press conference with their video montage

showing all the games and stuff like PSVR! And a brief glimpse of their

GT racing game not shown…

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