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Friday, March 18, 2016

ARTICLE: New Dusk Shadow and Copper Shadow Xbox One Controllers

The Dusk Shadow Xbox One controller

A post on the Major Nelson blog, Microsoft revealed that the controllers would arrive in the US and Canada this month, with "other select regions" getting them in April. The Copper edition will be sold in Gamestop and on the Microsoft Store, while the Dusk edition will be sold in Best Buy for a limited period, and also on the Microsoft Store.

Here are the two new controllers together:

 The Dusk and Copper Shadow Xbox One controllers.

Microsoft has revealed the latest in its growing family of Xbox One controllers, the metallic blue Dusk Shadow edition, which will be sold exclusively at Best Buy in the US.
The Dusk Shadow model is a new standard controller, meaning it comes with the added 3.5mm headphone jack and minor improvements given to the slightly redesigned Xbox One controller that arrived last year.

 Microsoft has also revealed the Copper Shadow edition, a vaguely self-explanatory title.

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